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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why pick Montessori?
My daughter attended Montessori program for eight years from a very early age so I can vouch for the Montessori Philosophy and I am an avid believer. It truly brings out the best qualities in your child.

Why not pick any Montessori?
I have seen the transition from a Montessori to a Public School. I am fortunate enough to have had the experience in both and I will be able to give the best to your child...this is what I mean when I say "in pursuit of excellence". I will make the smoothest possible transition from a Montessori to a Traditional School. I have had the experience of teaching and directing a school in India too. My promise is to put to use all my experience and learning for the benefit of your children.

What kind of certification do you have?
I got my Montessori Certification in 1989 from India and in 2001 from the USA.


- Maria Hassonjee

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